Starmount Healthcare Management is an entrepreneurial company whose Leadership Team is designed to support key organizational functions and develop strategic goals while holding teams accountable for producing results.

Michael Estramonte
As the founder and CEO of Starmount Healthcare and StarMed Healthcare, Mike provides the vision and mission for the company. As an entrepreneur, Mike continually takes on new challenges and opportunities that support company growth. His passion for underserved communities and access to affordable healthcare continue to resonate with and support his long term goals.
Dr. Arin Piramzadian
As a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Piramzadian has been in practice for over 10 years, and has led nearly 170 providers . Today he serves as the Chief Medical Officer assuring compliance with up to date medical and company guidelines, prompt and accurate charting and coding and monitoring quality of care provided. Being a teaching Doctor, he holds providers to the highest standard through regular training, mentoring and case studies.
Tracey Hummell
With a background in Human Resources and Administration, Tracey’s role is to execute the business plan, integrate and support the company goals and provide the operational oversight to the key functions across the organization. Tracey is a key driver behind building a company culture that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction which translates to a positive patient experience.
Julius Spears
During his 30 year career, Julius served as CEO and COO for a series of healthcare systems and hospitals around the nation. He also serves as a trusted curator to leading clergy of the African American faith community. Within his role, Julius provides strategic consulting to the leadership team related to growth opportunities and health disparity awareness.
Dorothy Mason
Throughout her 30-year career, Dorothy has received numerous awards and recognition as a healthcare business leader and educator. Her clinical and administrative background provides a wealth of knowledge in the training, coaching, and development of strong business teams. Her focus on quality performance, and passion for providing excellent patient care supports StarMed’s vision for providing affordable quality care to the community.
Mike Vander Baan
Mike brings value to lead strategic development and initiatives while maintaining an entrepreneurial vision towards delivering higher quality of care and improved access for all. He has been recognized for providing visionary leadership, strong Physician partnerships, and adept P&L logic and decisiveness. This enables StarMed’s growth and ability to reach beyond our immediate area of service to achieve our mission.
Dana Gordon
With proven ability to develop and implement strategic, operational, and business expansion initiatives, Dana provides an innovative approach to accelerate the achievement of organizational goals. Dana brings years of experience working with several prominent health care systems leading various growth, acquisition, practice performance and quality improvement efforts. Her outside the box thought processes enables forward and innovative healthcare solutions.
Terrell Duncan
As a football coach, Terrell’s passion is to train, coach and teach. He also brings 20 plus years of business management experience. Through creating a positive employee work experience, Terrell is able to support his mission of serving our communities by providing an exceptional patient experience.
Rafael Rodriguez
Led the Interactive Media Department for Norsan Multimedia, the largest Hispanic Media conglomerate in the Southeast, offering coverage in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Today Rafael oversees a wide array of marketing, communications, and event coordination with campaigns targeted towards diverse communities health and wellbeing, predominantly the LatinX communities in and around the Charlotte Metro Area.
Katy Howell, PA-C
With a passion for continuing education and mentorship, Katy provides coaching and guidance to our Advanced Practice Providers through an extensive training program. She brings 8 years of hands-on clinical experience as a Physician Assistant and has a background in primary, urgent, and occupational medicine care. Katy has a unique ability to create efficiency in workflows and operations, while providing an extraordinary patient experience.